Team Play 2022

The 2022 Team Play Season starts January 13th and continues until the end of February. If we make the playoffs, the season extends.

Because of our recent successes, and the popularity of the program, Braemar BMC has enough interest to field two teams – Thursday and Saturday. This year, Bill Ackerman and Andy Berenson will co-captain the Thursday Team. Bob Ballard and Sandy Freeman are in charge of the Saturday Squad.

There will be an approx $100 charge for a Team Play shirt and hat. It’s the same “uniform” which will allow our members to float between teams if needed. For more information – please contact the Captains – via email and we’ll get you signed up.

Bill Ackerman – [email protected]
Andy Berenson – [email protected]
Bob Ballard – [email protected]
Sandy Freeman – [email protected]

Click on the schedule to download